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Imagine you click through an online shop and look at the products. Surely you have noticed yourself that there are more and more pictures of the products that were taken in front of a white background and only show the product. It's a very minimalistic photo, but it grabs your attention. With this type of product photography we speak of packshots. Here you can find out why you should also rely on packshots for your products and how you can implement them ideally!

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What is Packshot product photography?

Packshot product photography is based on presenting the product in an ideal, yet realistic way. Instead of exciting backgrounds or even action shots, you can expect a white background and only the product. Such photos are important to present the product to customers as it is. Packshots are used everywhere, whether in classic online shops or at Amazon FBA. So if you want to get your product to the man or woman, then it is essential to work with strong-selling packshots.

Packshot-Produktfotografie-Visual Conversion

Reasons why qualitative packshots bring you more sales:

Still not sure if you should invest in a product photographer to create packshots for you? Then we have selected a few of the many reasons for you here so that you can get a better picture.

Optimal representation of the product

With a packshot, the product photographer can only work with the product and the light to create the best possible photo. It's not about arousing emotions or showing the product in action, but rather the prospect should get to know the product as it is. The customer should see exactly what he gets by buying the product. There's no better way to do this than with a packshot.

Gain customer's attention

A packshot is great because it allows you and your product to stand out from the other retailers. These are (if optimally implemented) a sign of quality. It helps you present your product in a high-quality and ideal way, so that your customer knows exactly what he or she is getting and why it is better than the competition's products. You can read exactly what is on the packaging, recognize the colors and thus get all the important information to convince yourself of a purchase.

Minimize returns

Returns are not only annoying, they can also be expensive in the long run. In addition, there is a good chance that a customer who has already made a return will not buy a product again. Many returns are therefore also a sign of the loss of potential customers. Getting the customer to buy is hard enough, but losing that customer after the purchase is extremely annoying. There are often returns if the product is not what the advert or the photos promise. It is therefore important to rely on packshots in order to present the product as realistically as possible. These show how the product looks in reality and therefore there are fewer nasty surprises. This minimizes returns and increases customer satisfaction.

Pack shot photography

Some examples of our work in different materials, shapes and structures

This should be taken into account when taking Packshot photography:

If you want to implement packshot photography ideally, then there are a few aspects to consider that we would like to go into more detail here. However, be aware that we recommend working with a professional as this minimalist style of photography means there is a strong focus on quality.

With Packshot product photography, it is worth investing in a professional product photographer who will help you with the implementation. This is the only way you can be sure that the following points are implemented ideally.

Optimal colors

Since Packshot product photography does not work with accessories or specific backgrounds, the focus here is solely on the product. It is important to present this realistically and to ideally depict the colors of the product. Yes, the colors can be slightly intensified here to make it stand out more, but these adjustments should be kept to a minimum. This is often not even necessary if the right lighting conditions are used.

Packshot-Produktfotografie-Visual Conversion
Packshot-Produktfotografie-Visual Conversion
Clear writings

What is written on the product and on the packaging of the product? This should also be clearly legible. The topic of "clear fonts" is also an indicator to rely on high-quality product photography, because if the quality is not right, it will hardly be possible to implement this point effectively. Above all, it is important for the customer to read the packaging, the quantity, the ingredients, the notes and descriptions.

Details must be clearly recognizable

The idea behind packshots is not only to show the product without distractions, but also to reveal the details so customers know exactly what they are getting. If the details are optimally displayed, then the customers will not be surprised when they receive the goods and the number of returns will be reduced. This point is very important, especially for clothing and accessories. You can quickly fall in love with a piece and only see when you receive the product that, for example, buttons were used that do not appeal to you. With the best photos, such a return can be directly avoided.

Packshot-Produktfotografie-Visual Conversion
Packshot-Produktfotografie-Visual Conversion
The right choice of light

As already mentioned, the purpose of a packshot is to present the product as naturally as possible, but at the same time as high-quality as possible. In this case, the extreme post-processing of the photos should be avoided, but instead the product photographer must choose the right light. The optimal lighting conditions decide a lot here, not only do they help with the production of the photos, but above all the colors, but also the fonts can stand out better. A professional knows exactly how to use the right lighting conditions to ideally illuminate the product.

Conclusion: Packshots are ideal for product photography

Surely that was already a lot of information for you and now you feel overwhelmed, but don't worry, we can help you! With our expertise and experience, we know exactly what kind of photos are well received by the customer and can thus get the best out of your product and the product photos. We know how your product sells!

With our photos you increase your conversions and can actively set yourself apart from the competition. This enables you to successfully bring your product to the man or woman.

Feel free to contact us without obligation and we can then advise you individually. We look forward to your message!

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