In order to stand out from the competition and to give customers as much information about the product as possible, Amazon product videos are a good solution.

With Amazon product videos - an important lever for more sales

Not only well-made product photos or 3D renderings have a positive effect on the customer, Amazon product videos increase the visit to the website a lot. As statistics show, customers develop up to 50% more trust in companies and products after watching a video and an incredible 31% have decided to buy through an Amazon product video. A good Amazon product video gives your customers the feeling that they know your product better. This makes it easier for the customer to associate with your product and thus trusts your product more. Yes, an Amazon product video can make the difference between success and failure in online retail. Here you can learn more about the product videos and how they can help you achieve maximum success.

Why are Amazon product videos so popular?

Customers want to see products from all directions and in use. What is better than a well-made Amazon product video? 3D renderers or 360-degree product images are also very meaningful. Amazon product videos in particular are ideal for standing out from the other providers on this large marketplace.

In online trading in particular, you can only make progress if you are always up to date with the product presentation. A product photo on Amazon is no longer enough these days. 3D renderings, packshots and Amazon product videos are today's customer magnets. If you want to be one of the top sellers, you must not forget a product video Amazon.

You are not yet convinced to rely on Amazon product videos? Don't get us wrong, we are NOT saying that videos should replace product photos. Not at all! Rather, they should support your Amazon FBA ad. Videos have many advantages that product photos cannot fully cover. We would like to clarify the advantages associated with the use of product videos!

Gain the attention of your customers with a well-made product video!

Since people often scroll through quickly, you need to try to draw attention to your products in the shortest amount of time. Since offers are often only presented with product images, a good way to attract this attention is to use a product video (with Amazon EBC). With a well-created Amazon product video, you can pass on a lot of information to your buyers in a short time.

Because your customer knows directly what he or she can expect from your product, the number of product returns is also reduced. A product video on Amazon attracts positive attention and can help you increase sales. A product video is beneficial not only on Amazon, but also in your online shop or on other channels.

We create your packshot, your Amazon product photography or your Amazon product video. 3D product renderings and product photo retouching make these products something very special.

Address the potential customer's emotions with an Amazon product video!

Product videos are great for arousing customer emotions. Emotions that make the customer feel good and make them want to buy your product. At the same time, the feeling of buying good quality can also be evoked by a well-made product video on Amazon where customers come. Here, an attempt should be made to show the customer through concrete video sequences that this product solves a specific problem, for example.

For example: Your product is an automated corkscrew. Chances are already good that the person searching for this product on Amazon is having trouble opening wine bottles and is looking for an easy solution. Your Amazon product video shows this solution.

Show the problem briefly and concisely in your Amazon product video: For example, a woman who tries unsuccessfully to open a wine bottle with a conventional corkscrew. Now introduce the solution - your automated corkscrew. Show how easy it is, how little effort is required and how relieved the user of your product is. Expressing these emotions will greatly increase the chances of buying your product.

A product video makes the purchase decision easier!

Visual representations, i.e. product videos, are processed around 60,000 times faster in the brain than texts, so that product videos and product photos have considerable value in attracting the attention of potential buyers.

The advantage of Amazon product videos is that you can show the product in action. How is it used? How about the quality? And above all: How does the user of your product feel? You have so many ways to address your customers with your Amazon product video that it can be a crucial point that entices the customer to buy! But not only well-made Amazon product videos, but also Amazon product photos well staged by a product photographer will help you to increase sales.

This is how we help you to create product videos for Amazon!

Creating a high-quality and effective product video is anything but easy, so you should rely on the support of professionals. We have specialized in product videos and product photos. These are the top 3 reasons why we can help you optimally!


We have years of experience in creating product videos. Not only are we familiar with the Amazon FBA guidelines, which must be observed, but at the same time we know what the customer likes!


We would be happy to work with you to develop the ideal storytelling to address your desired customer and your niche. In addition to development, we also value smooth cooperation with you and are always open to implementing your ideas and visions.


Quality is our top priority! Unfortunately, a video is of little use to you if the quality is not right, so we can assure you of creating a high-quality product video that will stimulate your conversions!


As already mentioned, product videos offer you many opportunities to draw customers' attention to you. With a product video and 3D rendering, the customer becomes more attentive and stays on your site longer.

As a result, your products and your label will be remembered by the customer. Product photography, Amazon 360 degree photos and 3D renderings are the points that entice customers to look longer and more closely. At the same time, you give your customers a good feeling and awaken emotions. A customer who feels comfortable on your site will come back and recommend you.

Amazon product video helps immensely in online trading

As already described, the value of a good Amazon product video is enormous. Not only product video Amazon, but also Amazon 360 degree product photography and 3D rendering impress customers positively. Not forgetting packshots and a 3D packshot.

A customer who can take a close look at your products will spend a lot of time in your online shop. This customer will be convinced of the quality of your products and will keep coming back to your online shop to buy something when they need something. A good product photographer can use these small tools to help you achieve better sales figures and a good ranking in the search engines.

If you are interested, contact us and we will create your Amazon product video for you.

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