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Product photography – Looking for a product photographer?

Product photos must show a product from all important perspectives. It always depends on the product itself. A good product photographer takes this and more into account. For some products, one photo is enough, for some, several photos are required to show all the details of the product. In online trading in particular, it is important to ensure that every product is presented correctly.

A product image has to show the customer, who cannot actually hold the product in their own hands, everything that interests them and at the same time arouse emotions. Our product photographers live for their job and create excellent product photographs according to your wishes. Sales-boosting product photos are the biggest lever for your sales.

Why should product images arouse emotions?

When it comes to product photography, emotions must be conveyed with this product image. It is primarily about the emotion: "I want to have this product". The desire to have a need met by purchasing this very product must arise. Not only emotions should be awakened, but also the feeling that a problem can be solved with this product. So one of the most important aspects of high-quality product photography is evoking positive feelings towards the product.


What is special about product photography?

In order to present products extremely effectively, the product photographer needs a lot of experience and a lot of imagination when photographing the product. A perfect product photo must be taken in such a way that it arouses emotions in the buyer or conveys a message. This makes it stand out from the mass of product photos on the web and increases sales. The product photographer must therefore fully engage with the product and skillfully stage it so that the customer also buys the product. Especially in the field of online trading, good product photos are essential for the success of the online shop.

product photography

Examples of different materials, shapes and structures

Product photography for online shops

Online shops and large marketplaces on the Internet in particular require the right product photography in order to direct customers to their own website. A perfect product photo must stick in the customer's memory and convey to the customer that this website is worth visiting.

Especially when it comes to choosing pictures for your online shop, you should contact a product photographer. Having product photos taken by a product photographer is always worthwhile to increase sales. He will help you to make your products successful. But not only product images are in demand. A good product presentation also includes an Amazon product video, 3D product renderings or a packshot. All of this is extremely important for Amazon product photography.

A good product photographer will always show you the best ways to make your products stand out. Product photo retouching is also used. But this should not be too extreme. Your product must always be well presented, but not overdone. This is a sign of quality and gives the customer a good feeling.


When we as a product photographer create product images for you, we attach great importance to the following:

  • We focus on your product while avoiding using too many other elements. These would reduce the message of the product image.
  • When creating the product image, we only use additional elements if it is conducive to selling the product, in order to increase the statement of the product image.
  • When we create product images, we make sure that all the important features of that product are shown.
  • Keep your images compatible for online shop and other media.

Well-done product photography for online shops increases sales!

The first impression of a product decides whether the customer buys it or not. The product photographer will put your products in the right light for the online shop. This includes good lighting and a good eye for the smallest detail.

Our team creates high-quality product photography, product photo retouching and 3D product renderings in the best quality for you with great care.

Every large trade or marketplace on the Internet sets strict criteria for a product photo. If you would like to have product photos created for you, contact us and we will present your products for the online shop, catalogs or advertising. This will boost your sales and set you apart from other providers. We skillfully put your products in the right light.

Good product photography also includes high-end retouching

The product photographer should not only master product photography, but also retouching for product images. A product photo can only convince with good retouching. This also includes the clean-up to eliminate any errors that occur during product photography. Errors such as fingerprints and the smallest grains of dust. Product photography today is a kind of art and perfection. With perfect product images, you are successful in the online shop and the customer sees what he wants: your product, as if he actually had it in front of him.

Amazon product photography is what makes online trading successful

The constantly improving technology and the increasing demands of customers also have an effect on product photography. Amazon sets strict criteria for Amazon product photos and product videos and without fulfilling these, you have almost no chance in online trading.

That is why customer requests should be fulfilled with unique product images, product videos, pack shots, 360 degree product photos and 3D renderings. These techniques and the high-end retouching make your product photos an eye-catcher for the customer.

Product photography prices

Of course, professional product photography with meaningful product photos also has its price. However, you cannot give an exact price here, because the product photography prices vary depending on the quantity and also on the category. Advertising photos, product photos and packshots have a different price. It also depends on what individual requirements you have. We also try to set ourselves apart from others, so that we can not only offer our customers a tailor-made offer, but you will also find fair prices with us. Contact us and together we will discuss what is needed for your success. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly what is important in the field of product photography and everything that goes with it.

Don't wait any longer and start becoming successful online today. With our product photos you have the best chance!

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